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Vegan meatballs

UNIQUE and INIMITABLE, these vegan meatballs are avalilable in the following flavours: MUSHROOMS, TURNIP TOPS, CAULIFLOWER AND CURRY, ORIENTALI (peppers, courgettes and a light spicy flavour), SAPORI DELL'ORTO (cauliflowers, carrots and potatoes) and SOY.

VEGAN meatballs are a healthy product which lends itself to numerous culinary uses.
The product is distributed pre-grilled and deep-frozen.


Precooked product. Gluten free.

Mushrooms HS0153

Turnip tops HS0152

Cauliflower and curry HS0159

Orientali HS0156

Sapori dell'orto HS0161

Soy HS0160