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Vegan hamburger

FABULOUS and TASTY vegan burgers, available in the variants IL ROSSO pepper, ORIENTAL Vegetables and curry, TURNIP TOPS, MUSHROOMS, CONTADINO Cauliflower, SOY, SPINACHES, SAPORI DELL'ORTO.
All the ingredients are carefully selected and processed according to a recipe that enhances their taste and digestibility.
FROZEN AND PRE-GRILLED; always ready for use. Surely the ideal product for a light meal and really "sprint" that can make the joy of the most demanding palates.


Precooked and grilled product. Gluten free.


Available in the 2 pcs pack of 80 gr each or in the 6.8 kg box (85 pcs).

Il Rosso pepper HV0008 - 2x80 gr - HV0004 - 85x80 gr (cartone da 6,8 kg)

Orientali vegetables and curry HV0010 - 2x80 gr - HV0014 - 85x80 gr (cartone da 6,8 kg)

Turnip tops HV0011 - 2x80 gr - HV0013 - 85x80 gr (cartone da 6,8 kg)

Mushrooms HV0012 - 2x80 gr - HV0005 - 85x80 gr (cartone da 6,8 kg)

Contadino cauliflower HV0009 - 2x80 gr - HV0003 - 85x80 gr (cartone da 6,8 kg)

Soy HV0006 - 2x80 gr - HV0002 - 85x80 gr (cartone da 6,8 kg)

Spinaches HV0007 - 2x80 gr - HV0015 - 85x80 gr (cartone da 6,8 kg)

Sapori dell'orto HV0016 - 2x80 gr - HV0001 - 85x80 gr (cartone da 6,8 kg)