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Veal and turkey meatballs

FABULOUS, GENUINE meatballs made from Chicken, Chicken and Turkey, Beef or Pork.
All in 500 g packs and all produced with meat which is carefully selected and processed to a recipe which brings out its flavour and makes it easy to digest.

PRE-GRILLED AND DEEP-FROZEN; always ready to use. Without doubt, the ideal product for a light and tasty meal. They adapt to many different dishes, offering a helping hand to those who want to offer meals which are
always tasty.
The basic ingredients in the Veal/Turkey version are those typical of Kebabs, and the spicy flavour is ideal for those who love more exotic foods.


Precooked product. Gluten free.


Available in packs of 300 gr or, on request, 500 gr and 1 kg.

Veal meat 48%, turkey meat 32%, SOY flour, water, vegetable fiber, salt, mix of spices and aromatic herbs, starch, dextrose, aromas.