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Swedish meatballs

UNIQUE and INIMITABLE, these meatballs contain all the flavour of the original recipe. They are prepared with choice cuts of beef and pork, always using the highest quality Italian meats.

GRILLED, NOT FRIED they are a healthy product which lends itself to numerous culinary uses.
The product is distributed pre-grilled and deep-frozen.

QUICK and easy to portion, as this product is pre-cooked and packaged in 300 g bags – a quick and tasty way to prepare dishes with excellent nutritional characteristics.


Precooked product. Gluten free.


Available in packs of 300 gr and 400 gr or, on request, 500 gr and 1 kg.

45% adult bovine meat, 30% pork meat, water, vegetable fiber, salt, starch, spice mixture, aromatic herbs, dextrose, pea flour, isolated SOY protein, aroma.