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Chicken and turkey kebab

NEW deep-frozen product. Prepared with the highest quality selected meats and available in Chicken/Turkey and Veal/Turkey versions. We use an exclusive blend of herbs and spices when making this product which gives it a unique flavour.

HIGHLY PRACTICAL when you need a tasty meal, fast. Kebab and Kebab Snack are pre-grilled and cut products. Just a few minutes in the oven, microwave or frying pan and you have a delicious, rich and tasty dish.


Pregrilled product.


Available in packs of 300 gr or, on request, 500 gr and 1 kg.

48% chicken meat, 48% turkey meat, vegetable fibers, spices, aromatic herbs, salt, dextrose, maltodextrine, starch.


It may contain traces of SOY.