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Beef Hamburger

TRADITIONAL ender, light, low-fat BEEF HAMBURGERS. All our burgers are made with high quality meat, coming from selected farms in United States and Italy.


Our 80 GR BURGERS allow you to create an ideal portion for children or for those who are watching their weight. They are prepared with selected meats of the highest quality and processed using a mixture of spices and herbs that give a unique taste. The different packaging formats allow the choice according to the number of diners to be satisfied. This allows you to optimize stocks in the freezer and avoid waste.


The 100 GR version of our BURGERS is a portion of meat that is in average demand. An excellent choice for the classic stuffed sandwich or for a dish that, combined with seasonal vegetables, can be considered a complete meal. In addition, RINDER BURGERS are a choice of flavour and superior quality. A unique and irresistible taste to try naturally or with your favourite sauces.


Raw product. Available in the following packs: 320 gr (4 x 80 gr); 480 gr (6 x 80 gr); 800 gr (10 x 80 gr); 400 gr (4 x 100 gr); 1000 gr (10 x 100 gr). Every product can be customised using 500 gr and 1 kg packs.

HAMBURGER 80 GR: Adult cattle meat 70%, defatted soy flour, water, vegetable fibers , salt, starch, dextrose, pea flour, mixture of spices and herbs, natural flavourings.


HAMBURGER 100 GR: Rinder meat 88%, water, vegetable fibers , potato flakes, salt, flavourings. It may contain traces of SOY.


RINDER HAMBURGER: Rinder meat 92%, potato flakes, vegetable fibers, salt. It may contain traces of SOY.