Italian Kebab

The Kebab we produce

Precooked cut products:

300 gr - 500 gr – 1000 gr

The weights can be customized according to the customer needs

Several flavors available

Sliced ​​turkey kebab, sliced ​​veal Kebab, turkey Kebab – sliced veal, sliced ​​chicken kebab, chicken kebab – sliced ​​turkey, turkey snack Kebab, Kebab snack veal, turkey Kebab – calf snacks, snacks Chicken Kebab, Chicken Kebab – turkey snacks

Italian Kebab

Our kebab has established itself on the market for the taste, quality and safety of the product and our customers are very satisfied.

What meat do we use?

Our range of kebab is made with beef and poultry traceable at the 100%, butchered also with HALAL rite, subjected to strict controls and prepared with selected high quality spices.

Besides the taste

Our kebab is low-fat and tasty, suitable for an healthy lifestyle. We are focus on the quality and nutritional content and also on a unique taste in all the preparations and it is produced exclusively in Italy. 

Il SOLE srl via G. Cherchi,

loc. Montale 29122 Piacenza 
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